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FreedomPop: You Can Use Your Mobile Phone For Free!

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If you want to cut down the cost of using your mobile down this is the way to do it! Request your free FreedomPop sim card and talk, text and use mobile data for free! Its SIM only so you dont have to buy a new mobile, you get to keep your old phone number too. You get 200 minutes of free calls, 200 text messages and 200MB of mobile data each month!

You need a free sim card, an unlocked mobile (it works with all kinds of phone) and the will to save every month compared to regular contracts! In your first month of membership you get Premium Data which gives you 2250MB of data! It wont cost you a penny, forever! If you need to upgrade to a bigger package you can. They have two premium packages at very affordable prices (£4.99 and £6.99).

Request your free FreedomPop Trio SIM (standard size or micro or nano), even the postage is paid for you.

If you are looking for a contract free ‘SIM only’ way to use your phone this is how to do it. It could save you from £10 to £35 each and every month from now on! FreedomPop is the way all mobile carriers will operate. But for now this is the only way get free calls, texts and data.

You get full 4G coverage using the ‘Three’ network up and down the country. Theres no catches, just a free SIM with free calls. It never goes up for charges you going over your limit at the end of the month. Cheap overseas call too. No risk, just a way to save each month. £15 (on average) in the bank for using this quality network! It could be the start of something good. It only take seconds to get yours, free of charge!

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  1. Nice one. This could save me £17 a month. Will have to see what this is all about!

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