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Gadgetinsider: Receive A free Fantasy Wireless Charger

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Gadgetinsider have a great free giveaway at the moment. Be sure to claim this free gadget while you can! Its free to get wireless mobile charger from Fantasy in the mail. This item saves you hassle and time, just plug it in and put your mobile on top to charge it the easy way.

Excellent if you dont carry wires everywhere or you want to charge up a mates phone at your house or desk. Convenient and easy to use its next generation oneupmanship! Think how much time you could save.

Gadgetinsider are giving them away for free, just give your email and address to get yours. Even the postage and packing is free of charge.
These items retail for over £10 in the shops, so they are are well worth getting for nothing. Leave all your wires etc behind and just take this gadget with you, it works with all models and makes of mobile. Place it on the charger and watch the light turn blue to indicate its charging up. It will even tell you when its full charged up!

There are limited numbers on this offers. Ensure that you are one of the lucky ones who get this essential gadget in the mail. Be the envy of your mates or work colleagues with this cool looking item. Gadgetinsider have hundreds of them to give away.

Just place your phone on top of the charger to get a full charge on any mobile. One day all of us will have one of these items. For now though you will need to grab one free here.

Works on USB or mains connection. No other wires required to work this cool gadget. Could be a lifesaver when you leave your data wire at home. We’ve all been in that situation at some point. Problem solved!

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  1. There really is a gadget for everything these days. Better than carry around half a dozen kinds of wire i suppose and it tells you when its done with powering up. Looks quite nifty this charger.

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