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Goal Rush: Predict The Scores To Win A Million

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Bad defending, diabolical marking. Alan Hansen wouldn’t like it at all, but a goalsfest is great to watch, particularly if you play at Goal Rush! Forget clean sheets, when both teams score in a game its a banker for you! Back of the net! Just predict eight games where both teams hit target to win a million pounds in this fun weekly game.

Goal Rush means you can turn your knowledge of the game into cash. Pick 8 games to win the jackpot, if that doesn’t happen and you only get seven then you get a big cash payout. This is Premier League fatcat not Vauxhall Conference pie and Bovril. The biggest win you can make in the game bar none. £1 million is up for grabs each and ever week of the season including cup games and international fixtures. Dont fancy any of the teams? Pick their ‘Lucky Dip’ feature which picks the winners for you.

The massive money footie game which costs just £2 per week. It just has to be Goal Rush from The Football Pools. Another fun game you can add to your match day routine with your pregame pint, pie and match programme.

Flat back four or three at the back, man marking or go zonal. This is the way to win yourself some cash. Is fun and it costs less than your bus or train fare to the match. Well worth having a go this week, see if theres any fixtures which stick out as having both teams score.

The Football Pools have loads more games to play once you have a login, including the class Pools, Soccer Six and casino games. Join to have all your online gambling in one place. Easy to play and since footballs a ‘funny old game’ next week your luck could be in!

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