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Parcelcompare: Save 60% When You Compare Services

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Its one of the things that the web is good at. Comparing the best services at a glance to try and get the best price. You do it for all kinds of things like holidays, car hire and insurance so why not do it for sending a package? You could save 60% and get a better service as well. Parcelcompare lets you do just that, for free!

Before you send a packet with your usual service enter your weight and destination to see what services you can use. Then you can compare what they offer, prices and how long its going to take. You have a list of the best services and you can make an informed decision, in seconds! They work with top companies like Hermes, UPS, DHL, dpd, TNT and Parcel Force amongst others.

Parcelcompare is always free and impartial. You are under no obligation to use any of the services after a search. Its a no risk way to save loads of money, up to 60% of the total cost! It could change something from being too expensive to well worth it. Ideal for business, eBay and any selling you are doing. Especially if you have a guaranteed service, registered and tracked parcels. Large or small, heavy of light, near or far, this is how to do it for less!

Get an instant quote from leading services you trust. You wont find prices like this elsewhere, so take advantage of Parcelcompare and start saving on sending parcels to the UK and worldwide.

Use this service and get £50 of free insurance for your parcel. Choose fast or budget services as suits you, you will find just the right service here in a few seconds.

Dont throw away money, or settle for second best next time you have a parcel to send!

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