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Petrol Prices: Save Every Time You Fill Your Car Up

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Driving can be very expensive these days. What with repairs and road tax and all the other costs that go along with keeping yourself going it can be an expensive luxury. Particularly when filling up your fuel tank seems to get more pricey every time! Luck then that a site like Petrol Prices is here to help! Its a free service that lets you compare petrol (and diesel) prices all over the UK. You get up to date results on all the pumps in your area. Its updated daily so you never need to pay more that you have to!

Most UK drivers could save on average £200. Which is a serious amount to take off your outgoings! You would always compare your car insurance so why not do the same with fuel? Its annoying knowing you’ve wasted money by taking the first option that comes along, so make sure you take advantage of this service today.

Petrol Prices is free to join and use. Just give your email to get started, it takes seconds to do. Its updated every day with the most accurate results you will find anywhere.

Join over 1.5 million current members of Petrol Prices. Its the UK’s leading way to compare fuel prices covering the whole of the UK. It makes a lot of sense to save on something that always goes up in price from month to month! You cant say fairer than saving £100’s each year without spending anything to do it.

You can use it on your mobile, which means you can search for the lowest petrol when you are in your car. Taking this amazing service with you wherever you go around the UK. You even get a route planner which helps you find the pump you are after. Join free today and get started!

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  1. My local supermarket (name starts with an M!) has the best prices but not everywhere has one near them. A good idea, especially if you can use it on your mobile. Worth another look.

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