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Pizza Express: Get A free Classic Pizza And Bottle Of Prosecco

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Get the new smartphone app from Pizza Express and receive all kinds of great stuff! Not only can you have a free Classic pizza on the house on your next trip but you get a bottle of bubbly Prosecco on your birthday too! It also allows you to pay on your mobile without taking cash at all and you collect reward points on every meal.

Its free to download and use this hand app. It works with most smartphones including your iPhone. If you love Pizza, Italian food or just quality snacks then this is how to get more from your visit. You book at one of hundreds of restaurants around the country and check out the menu before you head in. Its easy to make a cash free payment, split payments and you get reward points on every purchase. It saves you time, hassle and money too. The more times you go the more you save!!

Pizza Express have an extensive menu of all kinds of mains, sides, drinks and afters. their favourite pizza, pasta, salads and healthy options are available for the whole family. If you have not been in recently then where have you been?

Make sure you get the free Pizza Express phone app. Its free, and its the only way to get access to all this great stuff. You have 6 weeks to go in and eat your free Classic style pizza.

A free pizza, free bottle of chilled Prosecco on your birthday and all kinds of handy stuff. Anyone who loves pizza has to get this free for any kinds of smartphone or mobile device. A great night or a great day could start with some tasty food, where better than everybodys favourite High Street restaurant. A whole meal could be yours some time soon.

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