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Quandoo: Half Price Dining From 1000s Of Restaurants

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Love eating out, but only get to do it once in a while? Quandoo lets you find new places to eat near you (theres over 17000!) and get more when you use them to book your table. This service could save you 50% on your bill, and get you some tasty extras on top. Get free drinks and other goodies when you book here for free!

Its perfect if you want to find the newest hottest restaurants in your area. Its updated with the best new spots on a weekly basis, and each one has a mouth watering offer to get you interested. Want to eat at Michelin star restaurant? Want to find out about top local places before anyone else? This is the place to do it. Over 50 million very happy diners have used it so far, so you know it really works!

Its free to join up at Quandoo. Its also free to use it to find just the restaurants you want all across the UK. It could mean you get 2 for 1 dining, some extras to enhance your night or just cut the final bill down to size a bit. Each and every listing has some sort of an exclusive discount. Search all the ones near you before you book your table.

Choose from over 17,000 amazing places to eat at Quandoo! There isnt anything else on the web like this for restaurants. No matter where you like in the UK your best eateries are covered!

Join for free and enter your city to see how much you can save! It list all kinds of restaurants, updated all the time with the newest places.

It is the fastest growing dining savings website on the web bar none. Do not book a table without checking out this one! All provided for free too!

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