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Scribd: Unlimited eBooks For 30 Days

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If you love a good read but dont want to carry about a big pile of books, this is definitely for you! Scribd lets you download a digital copy of millions of titles at a fraction of the usual cost. You get lists of hot and recommended titles and you can try it out for free now! They are giving all new members a 30 day trial so you can read as many ebooks as you want. See if its for you with this offer. Read or listen on your commute, holiday or at home.

Just open an account to get unlimited access to any books you like including all new releases. Theres no obligation and you can leave any time.

Scribd has millions of books, in all kinds of areas. From fiction to kids books and educational resources. Get personalised recommendations and see what other people are reading right now.

Download the Scribd app and read your ebooks on any devices. Mobile and smartphones plus tablets and anything else. Anywhere your devices go, your books can go too. Imagine being able to fit hundreds (or even thousands) of books onto your mobile and carry them around wherever you go! it keeps your place and gives you updates on what else to read next.

This is how to find books you would never find out about otherwise. Its free so you can explore all kinds of subjects, authors and titles. Theres nothing else like on the webs right now!

Get books and audiobooks free for thirty days now. Start your trial and see how this system could work for you. Get involved and recommend books to other members, create your profile and show other people what they should be reading. Join now and get started, it wont cost you anything. Its got more books than you can read in one lifetime!

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