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Spottocash: Win £10k Cash Playing Spot The Ball

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A player at Spottocash will win £10000 each and every week of the year! Thats a huge guaranteed cash pot just for playing this simple and fun game. Simply predict where the ball is in todays picture. Sounds easy? Just look at previous examples to see how difficult it can be. Its all in the fun of spot the ball.

Play for the big money each week, just buy your ticket (or a few tickets) and get spotting. Turn your footie know how into cash as this weeks nearest spot. You can also play for free with their Solo Shootout and head To Head games. The same game without putting your hand in your pocket.

Spottocash costs just one pound per play. A lot more fun than The Football Pools and The national Lottery. Theres genuine skill involved, and a touch of luck too. Just like the real thing! You dont take a shot you dont score, thats what all the pundits. Take your shot this week and win ten grand in cash to spend as you like.

You’ve never seen anything like Spottocash before. Its the perfect way to celebrate the game weall love. During the game, after the game and at half time. Theres never a bad time to win £10000 in cash. Look at the faces, the flight of the ball,
or just take a punt. Theres quite a few ways to pick your spot, but the good news is that you can have as spots as you like.

Play this timeless football game. One massive winner per week! What would you do with ten grand? Live like a Premier League star (at least for a week or so!) Could this week be your week? Only one way to find out, but a ticket (or several) today. Back of the net!

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  1. The art of spot the ball is looking at the eyes, thats the way I do it. Dont look at the feet or the arms. A cool game, will give Spottocash a look.

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