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Statement on BBC News Video featuring Free UK Stuff

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The BBC News website published an article on the 1st of July 2008 entitled “Spam experiment overloads inboxes”, in the video that accompanies the article they incorrectly showed our website Free UK Stuff while it was talking about spam email and how joining sites like ours leads to more spam email, a completely unjustifiable claim.

Free UK Stuff has been online since 1997 and have over 1/4 million members and has had a very strict double opt-in email system in place since 2000. We do not sell, rent, share or otherwise spam our members email, everyone that joins our site agrees that we can send them our weekly newsletter and special offers or discounts and that the members email may be sponsored by an advertiser and that we are happy to remove and never send them another email at any time via our automatic removal process.

We are very disappointed that the BBC allowed this video to pass by its editorial process and didn’t once contact us to discuss what they were going to air. We are seeking for the BBC to remove all references to our website in this video and would ask our users to complain to the BBC also. We fully agree spam is a problem, but targeting innocent website owners and plastering them all over a video with completely false allegations will certainly not stop spam and will only lead to more users being confused as to what is spam and what are legitimate communications from site owners to their users.

I have written an article in my Affiliate Marketing Blog that deals with the issue in much greater detail and has links to view the video and to complain to the BBC news, I urge all our members reading this to complain to the BBC, even if only a few of you do so it will be more than they normally get about an article and they will have to act on it.

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  1. i am more than happy wiyh the way that free uk stuff operates . ive had plenty of freebiesand dont condider folloe up by the freebie supplier to be spam

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