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Train Genius: Save 80% On Train Tickets

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Leave the queues waiting at the ticket office. Forget traffic delays. Travel by comfortable and affordable train and get there in style. Plus, when you buy your ticket using Train Genius you can get it for even less! Save up to 80% when you book your seat ahead of time using this simple system. No matter where you are heading to in the UK, Scotland,
England or Wales, you can buy your ticket online and save. You get an allocated seat every time, all your travel itinerary is provided so you can plan your trip too.

It takes all the hassle compared to traveling by car. Just take your seat and let the staff do all the work for you. Watch the scenery go by! There is no other form of transport like it. Its good for the environment and tickets cost a lot less than you think! Go intercity for as little as £10 per person. Unlock the best deals when you book ahead. Start looking forward to a superb journey and holiday, best of all you will have some extra spending cash once you get there too!

Train Genius is easy to use and covers destinations up and down the country. They let you compare different routes and carriers, they are totally impartial and give you all the options and pick which one you want to buy. Its convenient to pick up your tickets. One less thing to worry about when you travel!

See how much you can save on your journey at Train Genius. Theres saving of up to a huge 80% on popular routes.

Dont buy at the ticket office or leave it to the last minute. Book ahead and make some major savings, apart from saving yourself time and hassle. Joined up journeys and easy holidays start here!

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