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We Fix: Repair Your Precious Gadget Without Returning It

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If your whole life revolves around your precious gadget, and you cant be without your mobile and tablet for weeks at a time, then you need to know about We Fix! For a small affordable fee they come to your home, place of work or anywhere else which suits you and repair your item while you wait. They bring everything they need including tools and replacement parts including screens.

We Fix is a godsend for most of us. It could save you money and weeks of not having our much loved gadget. Think of all the ways we use our mobiles and tablets every day? Imagine not being able to do that!! In less than an hour your item could be up and running, with all repairs guaranteed for a full twelve months. You can even book a ‘same day’ appointment too. Which means you could be sorted in just a few hours not days, or even weeks!

For busy people who do everything in their mobiles and tablets We Fix is essential!! Pass on the message about this service. It could be just what you or a friend need in the months to come. Broken screen? Dodgy buttons? OS software problem? This is how to get expert attention in hours. They specialise in Apple and Samsung products, all models from recent to older ones. Tablets of all kinds and mobiles are included.

Your personal details is always safe. They will keep contacts and stuff on your phone safe from prying eyes at all times. Another life saver if you dont fancy ‘wiping’ your gadget before sending it away. Another important time saver for most of us!

Dont panic! Have your item back to life again without all the hassle. Affordable and safe its an incredible system you have to know about!

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  1. Opps!!! Broke my screen and my iphone was out of action 2 weeks, total nightmare! Would have almost been better getting a new one with all the hassle. Will note this service for future!

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