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Free Home, Garden & Pets Stuff

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Friends of the Earth

( Direct Link )
Friends of the Earth are giving away FREE packets of bee-friendly wildflower seeds to help boost the bee population! Our crops of food rely heavily on bee pollination and their numbers have been declining over the years. So, everyone can do their bit by planting these wildflower seeds in their garden, in pots, anywhere you can grow them, encouraging the little bees to keep on doing their busy work...
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Get A Free KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

( Direct Link )
Five lucky winners will receive a state of the art KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. These handy items will help your cooking, food mixing and its easy to clean too! These sell for over 300 in the shops and you can be one of 5 who get one for free! To win these genius kitchen gadgets just give your name and email...
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Purina DentaLife

( Direct Link )
Purina are giving away FREE samples of their new DentaLife tasty chews, which help keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy! All you need to do is complete the online reuest form and wait for your sample to land through your letterbox! Offer ends 31/12/18 or while stocks last, so be quick and get yours...
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H&M Vouchers
Shop at H&M with a free 50 voucher if you win this competition. Add a few seasonal items to your wardrobe like outerwear, knits and shoes.
More Infomation Click Here
Health Box Year Free
Win a year of healthy snacks and treats from Health Box, guilt free bite size treats. Especially when you get 12 monthly packages for free! Win a full year subscription.
More Infomation Click Here

The House Shop

( Direct Link )
This service could save you thousands. Selling your home is one of the most expensive (and time consuming) things you will ever do but with The house shop you can do it all online in no time with no commission to pay. They list your property and have advertising which pays for the system, zero commission to pay ever. You can get free valuation of your home and then get it on the market in minutes. Expert placement and advice all along until you get the top price for it...
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Yankee Candle Free

( Direct Link )
Give your home a year round scent of flowers with a cool Yankee Candle! They burn longer than any normal candle and smell so good that you want them on around the clock. Get one for free in this promo, they want testers and reviewers just apply to get one in the mail for free. ...
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Energy Helpline

( Direct Link )
Energy Helpline uses a calculator approved by Energywatch (the UK gas & electricity supply watchdog) and is completely free and straightforward to use. There's no hidden costs or surcharges. See if you can make a saving by following the simple instructions.

If you do choose to switch your supplier just take a few minutes complete the simple online form. There's no need to fill out any paper forms or sign contracts as you can do this all online. They then send off your details to your new supplier and then inform your old supplier. You don't need to do anything more. Easy...

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Save Water Save Money

( Direct Link )
Get a selection of FREE water and energy saving products from water companies all over the UK! Just click on your water company's logo to see what's on offer for you for FREE in your...
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