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babyworld, Click Here

Free Kids Stuff

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Track Santa with Norad

( Direct Link )
It's that time of year again where you can have a special peep at all the preparations that Santa has to make for the big day! Santa's busy busy busy, but even busier are his little elves! Explore the magical North Pole where you can visit the library and learn about Santa, his magic sleigh and traditions. Visit The Stage and listen to Santa's favourite songs! Explore the Arcade where you can play games and watch movies at Santa's Theater! THEN on Christmas Eve, don't forget to track Santa's mammoth worldwide journey from country to country LIVE via satellite as he delivers presents to children who have been very very good this year! ...
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Pets at Home

( Direct Link )
Pets at Home run fun FREE workshops for children throughout the year and you could get your kids to join in with others to teach them the importance of caring or pets of all kinds! With loads of activities, your children will find out the fun way how to take care of pets! Just use their postcode check to find out when they're happening in your area, what time and how many places are available and get the kids involved! ...
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Visited This Month: 7 | Age Limit: N/A | Comments: 0


( Direct Link )
Kids want to go online and get their own mobile earlier and earlier these days. From social media to surfing the web there are so many threats, especially when they have their own smart devices and internet access. You need a system like Qustodio to help you monitor and control what your young ones get up to. This FREE software allows you to view all social media and SMS activity plus block websites with content you dont like. The uses are endless, and all invisible to your kids. Download it free and let it protect your household...
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Dolce Gusto Drinks Machine
Make all kinds of tasty coffee drinks including espresso with a Nescafe Krups coffee machine. Nescafe want testers and are posting them out if you promise to do a brief review of yours. Free!
More Infomation Click Here
Fill Up Your Car For Free
Fill up free at your local filling station with a 70 tankful just for your time when you become a mystery shopper.
More Infomation Click Here

Disney Games

( Direct Link )
This is a brilliant site for everything Disney. There's loads of FREE online games from your favourite shows, printables of your favourite characters, magical online worlds to visit. This site is huge, and there is so much to see, to do, to make and to enjoy. Plus they run regular competitions with fantastic prizes. Have fun, and let the kids have a go too!...
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Disney Life

( Direct Link )
Disney Life are giving you the chance to try out their fantastic service for FREE for seven days, even after that it's only 4.99 per month, with no contract, no strings attached! Download and watch all your Disney favourites, from top Disney films to box sets , music to live TV! With thousands of episodes of Disney shows available at your fingertips, the little ones and adults will be entertained for ever! ...
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Visited This Month: 10 | Age Limit: n/a | Comments: 0

Parent Shield Testers

( Direct Link )
Be one of the first parents in the UK to try the most secure way ever to let your kids use a mobile phone, Parent Shield! Best of all you can get your Child SIM Pack free, and help improve it for other parents in the future. Its a great way to protect your kids, and help other parents up and down the country. Gt yours for free while you can...
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Visited This Month: 26 | Age Limit: 18 | Comments: 0

Baker Ross

( Direct Link )
Check out the Baker Ross Creative Station to get hundreds of exclusive fun craft activities for kids, grown-ups and teachers. Make colourful pictures and shapes that really look professional from the template and instructions provided. Keep your kids happy with these fun ideas. Make toys, art, animals and decorations! Plus they're offering to give you 5 off your first order...
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