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Free Publications

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Deramores Award Winning Knitting & Crochet Retailer

( Direct Link )
Register to receive the free newsletter from Deramores and you can get FREE patterns every week, plus access to free competitions, big discounts, knitting and crochet tips and lots more. They have superb yarns, needles, hooks, crochet kits etc at incredible prices. They've also got a fantastic rewards club where you can earn points for every pound you spend on their fantastic site. Save yourself some money and get those needles working! It's also a therapeutic pastime, which many celebs have taken up as a method of de-stressing, so it could also work for you too...
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Visited This Month: 20 | Age Limit: 18 | Comments: 0

McDonalds Football

( Direct Link )
Footy fans, McDonald's are giving away FREE fun Football Activity Books based all around, you guessed it, football! Including creative challenges, stickers and other football related tasks and more! To get yours, all you need to do is fill out the request form. Up to a maximum of ten books can be requested per person. Offer closes 31/12/19...
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Visited This Month: 7 | Age Limit: 18+ | Comments: 0

Dolly Partons Imagination Library

( Direct Link )
Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is aiming to get all pre-school children reading by delivering a FREE age appropriate book to them every month until they turn five! Register for free to get your free books! Click on Find My Programme to see if there's a Champion of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library in your area. If they're not, you can register with them to let you know when there will be, or why not consider starting a programme and being a champion yourself?...
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Visited This Month: 64 | Age Limit: N/A | Comments: 0
Test ASDA's Service
Shop for free at ASDA by becoming one of their mystery shoppers. 100 free!
More Infomation Click Here
My Survey
Register for free at My Survey to win 2000 cash, there will be one winner each month!
More Infomation Click Here

St John Ambulance

( Direct Link )
St John Ambulance are giving away free pocket sized First Aid Guides which give you help and advice on treating potentially life-threatening conditions. The issues dealt with are choking, heart attack, severe bleeding, dealing with an unconcious person and dealing with someone who isn't breathing. Just complete the online request form. There's also information on how to donate any money if you choose to do so. ...
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Visited This Month: 793 | Age Limit: N/A | Comments: 0

National Trails

( Direct Link )
If you like walks and trails, you can either request or download copies of maps of the Great British walks and trails. All over the UK are some delighful walks with extraordinary views. What a lovely way to spend a holiday. They also hold great prize draws on a regular basis. :-)...
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Visited This Month: 1442 | Age Limit: N/A | Comments: 0

Print Mini

( Direct Link )
Tons and tons of tiny miniature models to make. Just print them off. If you like making things, this is a wonderful site. You can make almost anything for the dolls house, or for model...
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Visited This Month: 1299 | Age Limit: N/A | Comments: 0

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