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Free Marmite Recipe Mat

Well, lol, you either love Marmite or you hate it, so if you are a lover, then join their fan club. You will then be able to access their forum, oh yes, and they will also send you a free Marmite recipe mat - yummeee lol.

Sorry :-( This freebie has now closed.
Type Of Offer: Free Item by Post | Report Dead Link
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Comments By Other Users

Kathryn Charters says: freebie not available but got free screensaver lol

Josephine says: Ive always loved Marmite sandwiches with crisps

Liz Wooldridge says: happy to join the fan club but couldnt find freebie, boo

David Hynd says: SPOT ON


Kelly Broxholme says: i thought id at least get a sample

Debra says: where can i find the sample?????? argh.. me want marmite NOW lol

Sandra Dinsdale says: how do i get the freebie

Anonymous says: it wont let me get a free mat

Jane OBrien says: free sample not avalilble, well I couldnt find it

Pamela Evans says: The best ever way to enjoy Marmite is on hot buttery crunchy toast.Yummmmmmy

Carmel says: it was ok

Denise says: ilove marmite, want to try the squeezzzze bottle.

Wendy says: Dont you just love the new sqeezy marmite ...yum yum

Emma Bowler says: Marmite is the main savoury snack food Keeps my other half and my two kids quiet for ages Go Marmite

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