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Join The Max Factor Club For Free Samples

Max Factor
Just join the Max Factor Club, and you will receive free samples and offers, including film premiers, and you can also claim your free sample of Colour Adapt.

Sorry :-( This freebie has now closed.
Type Of Offer: Free Item by Post | Report Dead Link
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Comments By Other Users

RMember 176793 says: cooool.....loads of things to choose from.

Will Davis says: nice

Rebecca Lammas says: this sounds great

NMember 136401 says: It is a gr8 freebie but i got this ages ag at least 2 or 3 months and thet still havent updated it say like a different freebie but it was woreth i just wish theyd hurry up and change the freebie lol

Stacey Jenn says: good

Joy Haynes says: well thought out and easy to follow. can easily see what items you want and what colours they come in

Lisa Reid says: excellent shades and loads of choice,,,

Holly Cordon says: its brilliant

Louise Somerfield says: really good

Lynda Ashton says: excellent

Susan says: excellent informative site

Louise Harding says: Fab

NMember 136401 says: great i cud never find a foundation that suited me this was is perfect

Dana Smith says: max factor, wow please im waitin

Mandy Thonas says: packet arrived very small but the colour is great

Anonymous says: i thought it was excellent not alot 4 samples though is there x

Terri Dawn says: Great but the text on the website couldnt be any smaller if it tried

Andrea Kershaw says: gr8

Dee Sha says: Awfull Awesome

Stef Lord says: o wow its s abit kool

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