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Free online competitions

UK Competitions
UK Competitions is the fantastic free prize draw sister website from Free UK Stuff!! If you're looking to take part in competitions then this is the place to go!! You can win anything from cars to holidays from cash to TVs!! Check our members club for lots of very cool features, you can even make your own personal version of the site!! We've had many winners over the years - this time it could be you!!

Sorry :-( This freebie has now closed.
Type Of Offer: Competition | Report Dead Link
Visited This Month: 6026 | Age Limit: N/A | Hints/Comments: 0

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Comments By Other Users

Katrina Phelps says: never won anything in my life but worth a go

Stephanie Armstrong says: Have never won anything in my life so heres hoping

Subakaran P says: I hope this ll be interesting in the long-run

Gwynneth Plimley says: very happy

AMember 261197 says: looks good will be giving it a go will supply update

Abdulaziz Bahaj says: verygood

Nicola Divers says: Great site -glad to be a part of it :L

Susan HARRISON says: good fun

George Sowerby says: excellent

Tara Bowring says: Will see what rewards it reeps...worth a try anyway. Give it a go.

Fiona Wallace Hipsey says: Very Good, have been comping every day online for about 8 hours a day. On this site I found an additional 57 competitions that I had not yet discovered. These comps all end from now until the end of the year. Only 1 link failed in 4 hours. Very impressed. Also no advertising clicks constantly happening.

Edward Mccann says: as new member cant wait to be a long contestant to these great freebies

Julie Roper says: i like this offer

Sandra Buckley says: Cool site havny won anything YET keep trying

Carolyn Bracken says: best comp site ever

Vicki Clark says: it kinda ok havent won anything but bin addicted for hours

Jenny Devlin says: i think its wikkid....havent won anything yet tho :(

Jeanette Edwards says: easy, competitive, addictive, a site to keep you quiet for a long time i love it

Wendy Cleaver says: this is a wonderful sight to go on

Sheila says: Excellent site for comping addicts

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